The Viking Annotation System

I posted a movie which flies through various features of Viking. When I get a break I plan to narrate it as a video tutorial. I’ve been really busy preparing for the move to Oregon and getting my defense prepared. Shoeb has made great progress on security and I’m hoping to be get a lot of new features done this summer. James.
The university gave us a new DNS name,, I’m not sure the Viking homepage will always be the face of that address but you will be able to reach it from there.I’ve updated the scripts that generate VikingXML files to begin referencing the VikingXML.xsd schema. This should help people trying to engineer their own VikingXML files in the future who are using decent XML editors. James

Added documentation for the VikingXML format so people have a fighting chance of using Viking on their own data.Added screen shots so people can get a small idea of what Viking looks like.

I’m hoping to update our movies which demonstrate tracking and posting those as well. James

I’ve updated the website and will work on improving the appearance of the website as time and inspiration allows. This is my first website so I’m open to suggestion on improving it.Shoeb and I are making good progress on implementing user identification and security. Maybe a few weeks until we can open up the images, and then the annotation/visualization system will be opened up after that.

Other things on my todo list are to document how the VikingXML files work so users can launch Viking on their own images regardless of their source.

I am in the middle of preparing my thesis defense, selling my house, and moving to Corvallis, Oregon. I will continue working on Viking and connectomes once I arrive, but the work schedule is going to be interrupted until I things settle down in mid-June.James