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Updates are planned in the following priority order. Bug fixes are not included in this list.

  1. We are close to completing user identity and having the ability to secure volumes and annotations.
  2. Document the extension API
  3. Improve utilities module API to help third-parties utilize our code
  4. More annotation types than just circles.

Server History


  • All incoming requests are authenticated and users are checked for authorization to perform the requested operation. User identity is correctly stored in the database.


  • Server now records Username of all changes to database. If user is anonymous the IP is recorded. Until security is fully implemented all users are anonymous.

Version History (7/9/2010)

  • Security is enabled. You must have an account with modify rights to make changes.
  • Bookmarks can be exported as either an HTML file or an XML file. (6/28/2010)

  • Added menu option to change the scale used in the measurement extension
  • Added a local bookmarks plugin. These bookmarks are stored locally in an XML file. They are not robust enough for create thousands of annotations, but if you have a few things you want to highlight they should work well enough.
  • Each extension module now has its own directory. (6/17/2010)

  • Added measurement ability to the UI via an extension DLL. I plan to document how the extension DLL was made to make it easier for others to extend Viking. (6/16/2010)

  • All traffic to middle-tier is encrypted with SSL
  • Logon display now collects credentials at startup. Credentials are not used quite yet. (4/9/2010)

  • Fixed crash when Viking could not delete file from the texture cache
  • Fixed bug where top level StructureType could not be created
  • Reverted to using 3D to render channels because 2D sprites were not adding colors properly

  • Added version to assembly info
  • Fixed crash when activation data not specified after web launch
  • Can now click links on volumes page to directly launch application

  • Fixed another incompatibility with some video cards
  • Improved loading speed of tiles by turning off most texture mip maps
  • Annotations are drawn with textures instead of geometry, which is faster and has the potential to be prettier

  • Fixed incompatibility with some video cards
  • Improved rendering speed of channels

  • Fixed a bug where the selected channel was not always displayed when mixed with other channels.
  • Added a color coded list of visible channels to the status bar.

  • Fixed a null reference exception in tile cache.

  • CMP overlay for RC1 volumes now displayed by default.
  • Default channel setup is specified in VikingXML.
  • Viking should display images automatically without requiring user to select transforms on startup.
  • Fixed “Index out of range” exception in texture cache.
  • Reworked the UI a bit and the guts of Viking a lot more. Removed “File” menu. Added “Volume” menu which seperates section->Volume and tile->Section transforms more clearly.

  • Fixed a silly bug where annotations circles were clipped when they should not have been.

  • Added support for displaying multiple channels of data in Viking. See new “Section->Setup Channels…” menu option to setup global channel preferences. Right-click section numbers and choose “properties->channels” to override global preferences for a specific section.

  • Added support for each volume to have its own annotation database. Volume’s without a database will no longer show RC1 annotations.
  • Allow extensions to examine VolumeXML to determine if they should load.
  • Added Help menu item which loads the Viking Homepage

  • Viking.XML files now record the server’s address as a path attribute on the volume tag.
  • Viking can launch from .VikingXML files located on the local disk in addition to web hosted files. Images and transforms are still expected to be on an HTTP server.
  • Viking launches the correct volume selected from the website’s volume list.
  • Viking launches the website if no volume is specified at startup before launching RC1.

Version available at launch of website.