The Viking Annotation System

Viking Volumes

This is a list of public volumes hosted at the connectomes.utah.edu server. If Viking is installed you can display the volume by selecting the links. If you want to view the dataset immediately select “open” when prompted for instructions on how to handle the file. Alternatively save the file to your desktop and double-click it later to open the volume. Saving the file prevents you from getting updates to the volume description.
RC1 Rabbit VolumeThe original rabbit retinal dataset. 371 sections spanning the inner nuclear layer to the ganglion cell layer. Completed March 2009.
RC1a Rabbit VolumeA small volume adjacent to the RC1 volume. Captured to recover a putative ganglion alpha cell which left the volume.

RC1 Test VolumeA small subset of the RC1 volume which Viking can load quickly for testing purposes.