RC1 GraphViz Networks

IAC 9769

IAC 9769 is a wide-field pure feedforward GABAergic interstitial amacrine cell (IAC). This is the first pure feedforward GABAergic AC discovered. IAC 9769.

  • collects excitation exclusively from ON (CBb) bipolar cells (BCs)
  • provides inhibitory feedforward different of ON ganglion cell (GC) classes
  • engages in nested feedforward to other classes of GABAergic ACs
  • is coupled to different classes of GABA+ GCs (e.g. GC 606 at 2 sites)
  • is coupled tip-to-tip to other ACs resembling IACs.

Images of 9769

IAC 9769 and GC 606
Red IAC 9769. Blue GC 606. Gold dots = gap junctions. Arrow = fasciculation.

*.svg files for visualization

9769 1-hop reduced-edge network

9769 2-hop reduced-edge network

9769 3-hop reduced-edge network

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9769 1-hop reduced-edge network *.dot file

9769 2-hop reduced-edge network *.dot file

9769 3-hop reduced-edge network *.dot file

AII AC 476

AII AC 476 is a narrow-field rod BC-driven glycinergic amacrine cell (AC). AII ACs are the fundamental rod → cone crossover elements of the retina AII ACs

  • collect excitation from rod BCs
  • are coupled to all CBb cells
  • are presynaptic and postsynaptic to all CBa cells
  • are heavily coupled in an AII :: AII network
  • provide crossover feedforward inhibition to ON α and δ GCs
  • are postsynaptic to many GABA+ AC classes
  • are presynaptic to specific OFF GABA+ ACs that engage in cone → rod crossover

Images of 476

ACs 514, 476, 410, 2610
Four rendered AII ACs superimposed on RC1 slice 001. Also shown are numerous other AII ACs located at their XY positions in the volume. Most are not visible in Slice 001, being positioned deeper in the volume.

*.svg files for visualization

476 1-hop reduced-edge network

476 2-hop reduced-edge network

476 3-hop reduced-edge network

GraphViz *.dot files for import into GraphViz-compliant viewers

476 1-hop reduced-edge network *.dot file

476 2-hop reduced-edge network *.dot file

476 3-hop reduced-edge network *.dot file