LRW Resin

LR White (LRW) Protocol

1. MixingAdd 9.9g of benzoyl peroxide to the LRW and stir for 30 minutes. Store the activated resin 24h at 4°C before use. Always store LRW at 4°C.

2. Important LRW details
–  Do not store in styrene-based containers such tissue culture flasks. LRW will etch the plastic.
–  Oxygen is the enemy and will prevent polymerization. Samples must be sealed airtight to use.
–  Samples can also be UV polymerized in the coldroom. Use the UV handlamp on longwave.

3. Storage/Shelf LifeLRW shelf life is reported to be one year at 4°C. It can also be frozen.

4. LRW InfiltrationUse ethanol only. Do not use methanol or acetone.Allow the LRW to reach room temp (RT).

Dehydrate and infiltrate on the following schedule

  1. 15 min 70% ethanol
  2. 15 min 80% ethanol
  3. 15 min 90% ethanol
  4. 15 min 100% ethanol
  5. 4h 1:1 100% ethanol:LRW on rotator
  6. 1h 100% LRW on rotator
  7. 1h 100% LRW on rotator

5.  LRW Embedding: Use the LRW oven (65°C). Seal your samples. Oxygen inhibits polymerization.

Beem® capsules: Remove the caps from the capsules. Press a piece of Parafilm® M into the top to seal, overlapping the edge. Recap. Polymerize overnight-48 h.