Reynold’s Lead Citrate Stain for Grids

Materials Needed:

  • acid clean 25ml volumetric flask
  • acid clean 10ml cylinder, pasteur pipet and bulb
  • X2 distilled water
  • Balance, gloves, weighing paper, weighing spatula & parafilm

Make up day of use and discard for optimum staining. However, stain may be sealed with parafilm and left at room temperature for approximately one month. Do not use if precipitate forms

Dissolve in 25ml volumetric flask

0.66 g Pb(NO3)2
15ml deionized water


0.88 g Na(C6H5O7).2 H20

Shake vigorously for 1 minute.  It will be milky. Cover and set for 30 minutes or longer.


0.2 g NaOH
in 5ml X2 dist water

Add 4 ml to lead citrate solution in flask. Shake to clear.
Increase volume to 25 ml with X2 distilled water.
**** Can use 4ml of: 10 N NaOH diluted 1 to 9
**** Make sure NaOH is not outdated.