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Dr. Rebecca Pfeiffer Awarded RPB Career Development Award

Dr. Rebecca Pfeiffer from our team has just been awarded a Research to Prevent Blindness (RPB) Career Development Award to explore how Müller glia interact with synapses at the network level. We are so incredibly proud of her and are looking forward to seeing where her science develops as a result of this award. Our immense gratitude to RPB for all of their support over the years as without them, the science that comes out of this laboratory would not be possible.

Jessica Garcia Is This Year’s Student Veteran Of The Year

Jessica Garcia is this year’s University of Utah Student Veteran of the Year. Jessica is an undergraduate student in the lab exploring the OFF-layer branches of ON cone bipolar cells in early retinal degeneration.

Jessica came to us by way of service with the US Navy, where she served as an aviation technician before attending the University of Utah.

Congratulations Jessica! We are so proud of you.