CMP Platforms

Micromolecules: definitions & links Cellular domains: Genome, preoteome & metabolome
Metabolic diversity: Scale, dynamics, & phyletics Phenotyping strategies: proteomics vs metabolomics
CMP Platforms: Platforms and workflow overview CMP Probes: The probe library
CMP Substrates: Molecular trapping & detection CMP Datasets: Data arrays for multichannel imaging
CMP Analysis: pattern recognition theory and tools CMP Exploration: N-space visualization tools
CMP Annotation: browsing & annotating data


CMP Platforms and Workflow

CMP is realized in three technical platforms.

The ultrastructural platform delivers technologies for molecular trapping and fabrication of nano-scale section arrays.

The hapten platform yields the library of IgG probes for quantitative micromolecular visualization.

The computational platform allows the assembly of N-space datasets, classification via pattern recognition algorithms, N-space exploration tools, and cellular/signature annotation environments.