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NUDC Is Critical For Rod Photoreceptor Function, Maintenance, And Survival
Mary Anne Garner, Meredith G. Hubbard, Evan R. Boitet, Seth T. Hubbard, Anushree Gade, Guoxin Ying, Bryan W. Jones, Wolfgang Baehr, Alecia K. Gross
The FASEB Journal 2024 Mar 15;38(5):e23518. doi: 10.1096/fj.202301641RR
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Modeling complex age-related eye disease
Silke Becker, Zia L’Ecuyer, Bryan W Jones, Moussa A Zouache, Fiona S McDonnell, Frans Vinberg
Progress in Retinal and Eye Research 2024 PubMed Direct Link PDF

Neural Circuit Revision in Retinal Remodeling, A Pathoconnectomics Approach
Rebecca L Pfeiffer, Jeebika Dahal, Crystal L Sigulinsky, James R Anderson, Isabel A Barrera, Jia-Hui Yang, Olivia Haddadin, Alexis R Houser, Jessica C Garcia, Bryan William Jones
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Unbalanced Redox Status Network As An Early Pathological Event In Congenital Cataracts
Eloy Bejarano, Elizabeth A Whitcomb, Rebecca L Pfeiffer, Kristie L Rose, Maria José Asensio, José Antonio Rodríguez-Navarro, Alejandro Ponce-Mora, Antolín Canto, Inma Almansa, Kevin L Schey, Bryan W. Jones, Allen Taylor, and Sheldon Rowan
Redox Biology, 102869
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Metabolic changes and retinal remodeling in Heterozygous CRX mutant cats (CRXRDY/+)
Laurence M. Occelli, Bryan W. Jones @BWJones, Taylor J. Cervantes, and Simon M. Petersen-Jones
Experimental Eye Research 2023 Aug 23;109630. doi: 10.1016/j.exer.2023.109630
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Retinal Pathoconnectomics: A Window into Neurodegeneration
Rebecca L Pfeiffer, Bryan W Jones
Chapter: Retinal Degenerative Diseases XIX: Mechanisms and Experimental Therapy
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Elastin Layer in Bruch’s Membrane as a Target for Immunization or Tolerization to Modulate Pathology in the Mouse Model of Smoke-Induced Ocular Injury
Bärbel Rohrer, Nathaniel Parsons, Balasubramaniam Annamalai, Crystal Nicholson, Elisabeth Obert, Bryan Jones, Andrew D Dick
Chapter: Retinal Degenerative Diseases XIX: Mechanisms and Experimental Therapy
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Impact of Retinal Degeneration on Response of ON and OFF Cone Bipolar Cells to Electrical Stimulation
Shayan Farzad, Pragya Kosta, Ege Iseri, Steven T Walston, Jean-Marie C Bouteiller, Rebecca L Pfeiffer, Crystal L Sigulinsky, Jia-Hui Yang, Jessica C Garcia, James R Anderson, Bryan W Jones, Gianluca Lazzi
IEEE Trans Neural Syst Rehabil Eng. 2023;31:2424-2437. doi: 10.1109/TNSRE.2023.3276431. Epub 2023 May 26.
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Distinctive Synaptic Structural Motifs Link Excitatory Retinal Interneurons To Diverse Postsynaptic Partner Types
Wan-Qing Yu, Rachael Swanstrom, Crystal L. Sigulinsky, Richard M. Ahlquist, Sharm Knecht, Bryan W. Jones, David M. Berson, and Rachel O. Wong.
Cell Reports, VOLUME 42, ISSUE 1, 112006, JANUARY 31, 2023
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Current Perspective on Retinal Remodeling: Implications for Therapeutics
Rebecca L. Pfeiffer and Bryan W. Jones
Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, 22 December 2022
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Revival of light signalling in the postmortem mouse and human retina
Fatima Abbas, Silke Becker, Bryan W. Jones, Ludovic S. Mure, Satchidananda Panda, Anne Hanneken & Frans Vinberg
Nature May 11 2022
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Peptide-Based Immunotherapy Against Oxidized Elastin Ameliorates Pathology In Mouse Model Of Smoke-Induced Ocular Injury
Bärbel Rohrer, Nathaniel Parsons , Balasubramaniam Annamalai , Crystal Nicholson , Elisabeth Obert , Bryan Jones, and Andrew D Dick.
Experimental Eye Research September 4, 2021, 108755
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Primary Cilia in Amacrine Cells in Retinal Development
Ke Ning, Brent E. Sendayen, Tia J. Kowal, Biao Wang, Bryan W. Jones, Yang Hu, Yang Sun.
Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 62 (9), 15-15. 2021.
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Natural immunoglobulin M-based delivery of a complement alternative pathway inhibitor in mouse models of retinal degeneration
Balasubramaniam Annamalai, Nathaniel Parsons, Crystal Nicholson, Kusumam Joseph, Beth Coughlin, Xiaofeng Yang, Bryan W Jones, Stephen Tomlinson, Bärbel Rohrer
Experimental Eye Research April 18, 2021
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Subretinal Rather Than Intravitreal Adeno-Associated Virus–Mediated Delivery of a Complement Alternative Pathway Inhibitor Is Effective in a Mouse Model of RPE Damage
Balasubramaniam Annamalai, Nathaniel Parsons, Crystal Nicholson, Elisabeth Obert, Bryan Jones, Bärbel Rohrer
Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science Vol 62 4 April 1st, 2021
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Model-Based Comparison of Current Flow in Rod Bipolar Cells of Healthy and Early-Stage Degenerated Retina
Pragya Kosta, Ege Iseri, Kyle Loizos, Javad Paknahad, Rebecca L. Pfeiffer, Crystal L. Sigulinsky, James R. Anderson, Bryan W. Jones, and Gianluca Lazzi.
Exp Eye Res. March 30, 2021
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Chapter: Retinal Connectomics
Bryan W. Jones, and Robert E. Marc.
The Senses: A Comprehensive Reference, Second Edition, 2021 Elsevier
Book ISBN: 9780128054086 eBook ISBN: 9780128054093
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A pathoconnectome of early neurodegeneration: Network changes in retinal degeneration
Rebecca L. Pfeiffer, James R. Anderson, Jeebika Dahal, Jessica C Garcia, Jia-Hui Yang, Crystal L. Sigulinsky, Kevin Rapp, Daniel P. Emrich, Carl B. Watt, Hope AB Johnstun, Alexis R. Houser, Robert E. Marc, and Bryan W. Jones.
Exp Eye Res. Aug 15 2020, 199:108196
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Network architecture of gap junctional coupling among parallel processing channels in the mammalian retina
Crystal L. Sigulinsky, James R. Anderson, Ethan Kerzner, Christopher N. Rapp, Rebecca L. Pfeiffer, Taryn M. Rodman, Daniel P. Emrich, Kevin D. Rapp, Noah T. Nelson, J. Scott Lauritzen, Miriah Meyer, Robert E. Marc, and Bryan W. Jones.
J. Neurosci 3 June 2020, 40 (23) 4483-4511
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Immunization Against Oxidized Elastin Exacerbates Structural and Functional Damage in Mouse Model of Smoke-Induced Ocular Injury
Balasubramaniam Annamalai; Crystal Nicholson; Nathaniel Parsons; Sarah Stephenson; Carl Atkinson; Bryan Jones; Bärbel Rohrer
Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science March 2020, Vol.61, 45.
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Müller Cell Metabolic Signatures: Evolutionary Conservation and Disruption in Disease
Rebecca L. Pfeiffer, Robert E. Marc, and Bryan W. Jones
Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism Feb. 24 doi: 10.1016/j.tem.2020.01.005
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Optic cup morphogenesis requires neural crest-mediated basement membrane assembly
Chase D. Bryan, Macaulie A. Casey, Rebecca L. Pfeiffer, Bryan W. Jones, Kristen M. Kwan
Development 2020 : dev.181420 doi: 10.1242/dev.181420 Published 27 January 2020
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Pathoconnectome Analysis of Müller Cells in Early Retinal Remodeling
Rebecca L Pfeiffer, James R Anderson, Daniel P Emrich, Jeebika Dahal, Crystal L Sigulinsky, Hope AB Morrison, Jia-Hui Yang, Carl B Watt, Kevin D Rapp, Mineo Kondo, Hiroko Terasaki, Jessica C Garcia, Robert E Marc, Bryan W Jones
Chapter: Retinal Degenerative Diseases pp365-370 2019 PubMed Direct Link PDF

An Update on Retinal Prostheses
Lauren N Ayton, Nick Barnes, Gislin Dagnelie, Takashi Fujikado, Georges Goetz, Ralf Hornig, Bryan W Jones, Mahiul MK Muqit, Daniel L Rathbun, Katarina Stingl, James D Weiland, Matthew A Petoe
Clinical Neurophysiology December 10, 2019 PubMed Direct Link PDF

Contrast sensitivity isocontours of the central visual field
Agnes YJ Choi, Lisa Nivison-Smith, Jack Phu, Barbara Zangerl, Sieu K Khuu, Bryan W Jones, Rebecca L Pfeiffer, Robert E Marc, Michael Kalloniatis
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-14 2019 PubMed Direct Link PDF

Persistent remodeling and neurodegeneration in late-stage retinal degeneration
RL Pfeiffer, RE Marc, BW Jones
Progress in Retinal and Eye Research 2019 PubMed Direct Link PDF

Development of a spatial model of age-related change in the macular ganglion cell layer to predict function from structural changes
Janelle Tong, Jack Phu, Sieu K Khuu, Nayuta Yoshioka, Agnes Y Choi, Lisa Nivison-Smith, Robert E Marc, Bryan W Jones, Rebecca L Pfeiffer, Michael Kalloniatis, Barbara Zangerl
American journal of ophthalmology 2019 PubMed Direct Link PDF

Hypoxia tolerance in the Norrin-deficient retina and the chronically hypoxic brain studied at single-cell resolution
Jacob S Heng, Amir Rattner, Genevieve L Stein-O’Brien, Briana L Winer, Bryan W Jones, Hilary J Vernon, Loyal A Goff, Jeremy Nathans
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (18), 9103-9114 2019                         PubMed Direct Link PDF

Increasing Electrical Stimulation Efficacy in Degenerated Retina: Stimulus Waveform Design in a Multiscale Computational Model. Kyle Loizos, Robert Marc, Mark Humayun, James R Anderson, Bryan W Jones, Gianluca Lazzi. IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering 26 6 1111-1120. PubMed Direct Link PDF

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Technical Reports

Tolga Tasdizen, Ross Whitaker, Robert Marc and Bryan Jones, “Automatic Correction of Non-uniform Illumination in Transmission Electron Microscopy Images“, SCI Institute Technical Report, UUSCI-2005-008, University of Utah, September, 2005.