Screen Shots

The Viking Annotation System

Viking imagery

The best way to get a feel for tracing circuits in Viking is to watch this 2.5 minute movie: VikingDemo.mp4

The Viking interface displaying a set of cells in the inner nuclear layer of the retina. Circles mark annotated cells.

The same area, viewed 59 slices deeper in the volume with a red 4-aminobutyrate (GABA) overlay and the EM imagery in cyan.

A preview of our web based analysis tools. This SVG file was automatically generated by querying our webservice Connectome Viz in the Circuit mode. This shows all cells connected to AII amacrine cell 514 within three hops.


  • Green Arrow: Glutamte synapse (Ribbon synapses)
  • Red Tee: Conventional synapse releasing GABA or Glycine, check source of arrow for type (if known)
  • Yellow Double Arrow: Gap junction
  • Hexagonal Cell: Glycine+ Cell
  • Septagonal Cell: GABA+ Cell