LRW Resin coverslipping

LR White (LRW) Coverslip Protocol: LRW is non-fluorescent

  1. Use LRW fresh from the refrigerator & gently remove about 5cc into a scintillation vial. No bubbles. Cap and return stock to the refrigerator. 
  2. Warm the scintillation vial 2 min in the 65C oven. 
  3. With a glass pipette, put a drop of LRW on each spot. 
  4. Cover slip and extrude any bubbles. 
  5. Cover with a polyethylene sheet and a weight. 
  6. Cure overnight in the 70C oven. 
  7. The coverslip should be solidly anchored. Exposed LRW at the edges will not cure. gently wipe the slide clean with EtOH or Acetone. Store.